Assam, Meghalaya to Experience Isolated Rains

A Cyclonic Circulation is Located over North Eastern India from Monday to Wednesday. The system could produce isolated Rain or snow over the Region on Tuesday and Wednesday. Dry Weather is likely over all the other Areas in this forecast period. The Low-Temperature tendency is likely to persist over Northern, North-Central and North Eastern India in this period.

Low-Temperature conditions could gradually ease from Thursday onwards. Cold wave to severe cold wave conditions and cold day to severe cold day conditions are likely over the plain Areas of Northern India on Tuesday and Wednesday. Maximum Temperatures will be below normal over Northern, North-Central, North Eastern and Southern India in this period.

Maximum Temperatures are likely to be slightly higher over Western, North-Southern, Southeastern and North Eastern India. Minimum Temperatures will be lower or slightly below normal over Northern, Central and Northeastern India in this period. Minimum mercury levels will also be higher than average over Western, Southern, Southeastern and North Eastern India in this period.

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