Assam minister Pijush Hazarika Visits Kokrajhar to Inspect Erosion Site

Guwahati: Water Resources and Public Affairs Minister, Pijush Hazarika on February 21 visited to Kokrajhar to assess an erosion site next to the Kokrajhar Medical College, which is now under development.

By uploading the pictures of the site, the minister on his official twitter handle wrote, “Inspected the erosion site near under construction Kokrajhar Medical College today.  

This college is in danger from erosion brought on by the Gaurang River, thus the WR Department has implemented long-term preventive measures and built an artificial channel.

The Gaurang River borders the Kokrajhar Medical College

A dam that is 1 km long is being built on the banks of the Gaurang River.

The dam was constructed at a total cost of Rs 30.87 crore.

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