Assam MLA on Kidnap Charges: Completely False Allegations Leveled Against Me

Guwahati: Ashraful Hussain, an MLA from Assam’s Barpeta district who was accused of kidnapping and physically torturing a girl, has denied all accusations made against him and asserted that he was neither physically nor mentally involved in the incident. He represents the Chenga constituency.

Ashraful Hussain demanded that those who attempted to damage his reputation by levelling such unfounded accusations against him face harsh punishment.

Speaking to media persons on the incident, he said, “People of my constituency have full faith on me, therefore they had elected me as their representative. I have lots of work to do for the people of my constituency rather than being getting involved in this kind of inhumane act.”

“These are fake allegations leveled against me. I am neighter mentally nor physically associated with all this. I have also decided that I will file a defmation case against the family who has tried to tarnish my image. And if I am found guilty, I am ready for any kind of punishment,” the Chenga MLA added.

Meanwhile, commenting on Ritul Hussain, the person who had allegedly abducted the girl, Ashraful said, “Yes, Ritul Hussain is one of my good acquaintances, but that does not mean that I am involved in the crime. The whole incident actually encircles around the love affair of a boy and a girl.”

The MLA further said, “It is true that Ritul and the girl had come to my residence at the MLA hostel in Dispur. They just stayed one night at my place as guests and went back the next day.”

It should be noted that Ashraful Hussain was charged with enslaving and torturing a young woman from the Barpeta district.

The victim girl filed a complaint with the Dispur Police Station alleging that Ritul Hussain and a few of his friends had kidnapped her from Barpeta.

According to the girl, Ashraful Hussain’s assistant was Ritul. She was taken against her will to the MLA hostel in the Assam Secretariat, where she spent a considerable amount of time being physically and psychologically tormented.

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