Assam Police Uncover Dog Trafficking Ring, Rescue 14 Dogs in Silchar

Guwahati, 22nd May: Assam Police have uncovered a disturbing cycle of dog trafficking in the state, prompting intensified efforts to dismantle this illegal operation. Recent investigations have brought to light alarming details, with a significant breakthrough occurring last night in Silchar’s Ramnagar area.

Acting on a tip-off from confidential sources, Ashray, an animal service organization, intercepted a shipment of 14 street dogs being transported in a vehicle with the registration number 10 E 2913. The dogs were allegedly destined for local consumption, highlighting a troubling trend in the region.

During the operation, authorities arrested three individuals at a cooking restaurant in Ramnagar. This incident mirrors a recent case in Karimganj, where three dogs were rescued from cattle smugglers, leading to arrests and further investigations.

The suspects apprehended in Silchar have been identified as Rezul Hussain Borbhuiya, Abdul Salam Majumdar, and Anwar Hussain Borbhuiya, all residents of Algapur in Hailakandi. Assam Police are continuing their investigation to uncover and dismantle the broader network involved in this illicit trade.

This crackdown is part of a larger effort by authorities and animal welfare organizations to combat the illegal trafficking of animals, ensuring the safety and protection of street dogs in Assam.

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