Assam: Rare Salgar Big Viper Rescued in Kaziranga National Park

Guwahati, July 10: A rare Salgar Big Viper was rescued during a wildlife operation in Kaziranga National Park. The reptile was identified on the road in Haldhibari, a village in Assam.

The Salgar Big Viper, first scientifically documented in Arunachal Pradesh in 2019, is known for its distinct markings. Wildlife officials promptly captured the viper upon identification.

In a similar incident on July 8, Kaziranga National Park authorities discovered a Salazar Pit Viper, a find celebrated by Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma. The Salazar Pit Viper, named for its enchanting green hue and distinctive red-orange stripe on its head, has captivated wildlife enthusiasts and conservationists.

The Assam CM tweeted, “Guess what, kids? 🐍 Kaziranga just found a real-life Harry Potter snake! Meet the super cool Salazar Pit Viper: it’s green like magic and has a funky red-orange stripe on its head. Isn’t nature awesome? 🌿✨.”

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