‘ASSAM TEA-BACKBONE OF INDIA’S ECONOMY’-the theme of Assam in the tableau to displayin the 72nd Republic Day

Assam has chosen the theme ‘ASSAM TEA-BACKBONE OF INDIA’S ECONOMY’ as the tableau to display in the 72nd Republic Day. Director of Cultural Affairs, Jadav Saikia said that the theme has been confirmed but the exact design of the tableau is yet to be confirmed. “We are having repeated Meetings with all the concerned Authorities and the Final decision will hopefully be taken in the Next Meeting to be held on January 9,” said Saikia. The construction work has been awarded to Image Creations and will start by 12th January tentatively.

The Total expense of the display is yet to be ascertained. “A small display model will be presented here, but the actual work will be done in Delhi itself,” said Saikia. Alongside the tableau, Artists will also present the Jhumoor dance and other Cultural activities Associated with the Tea Industry of Assam. Assam has also won the Best Tableau Award last year in the Republic Day Parade which portrayed the unique craftsmanship and Culture of the State.

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