Assam: Woman Threatens to Commit Suicide After Arrest of Husband & Father in Child Marriage Case

Guwahati: A 23-year-old woman burst in anger and challenged Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma’s government for arresting her husband and father in connection with a child marriage case in Golakganj of Dhubri district in Assam.

When Khatun arrived at the police station, she expressed her anger and made a suicide threat if her husband and father were not released.

”Why Himanta Biswa Sharma apprehended my husband? Who has given the right to Sharma to do so? I will go to the campus in court and commit suicide if my husband and father won’t get released today itself from the lock-up,” the woman said while speaking to reporters over the matter.

The woman have been identified as Afroza Khatun who got married at the age of 19 and she said that she was born in 1999. 

“I will commit suicide if I don’t find my husband and father. I need my husband and father back as soon as possible, I was born in 1999 my marriage took place in 2018, I am an adult,” she claimed.

Later, when her father and husband were being taken to court by the police the woman fainted and fell on the ground.

It should be mentioned that since the police began apprehending those involved in child marriage there has been opposition in different areas of the district.

According to the Assam Police, a total of 2170 people have been arrested till now in connection with child marriage cases in the state.

”The figures of the arrest in Child Marriage cases have risen. Till this morning, the police have apprehended 2,170 persons across the state and it will increase further,” said Assam Police spokesperson Prasanta Kumar Bhuyan.

Assam’s Director General of Police (DGP), GP Singh reported on February 4 that 4,074 cases had been filed at various police stations throughout the state.

The Assam DGP reported that 2,044 arrests had been made in relation to these cases.

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