Assam’s Road Safety Records Encouraging Decline in Fatalities: DGP GP Singh

Guwahati, 2nd April: In a recent post on the microblogging site X, Assam’s Director General of Police (DGP) GP Singh highlighted a noteworthy trend in the state’s road safety statistics. According to Singh, Assam has witnessed a consistent decrease in fatalities resulting from road accidents over the past four months, indicating promising progress in road safety measures.

DGP Singh’s statistics reveal a significant reduction in road accident fatalities across various months and periods compared to the previous years. Here’s a breakdown of the data:

  • December 2023 over December 2022: A reduction of 30.69% in road accident fatalities.
  • January 2024 over January 2023: A decrease of 24.16% in fatalities.
  • February 2024 over February 2023: A notable reduction of 13.38%.
  • March 2024 over March 2023: A decrease of 24.21% in road accident fatalities.
  • First Quarter of 2024 (compared to the same period in 2023): A significant decline of 20.91%.

Earlier in the day, in Kamrup district of Assam, tragedy struck as Ardid Krishnadev, a Class 10 student, lost his life in a fatal road accident. The incident took place on Tuesday morning in the Nanara area.

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