Assam’s Sanjukta Dutta Shines at Cannes with Stunning Designs

Guwahati, 26th May: In a proud moment for Assam, fashion designer Sanjukta Dutta’s creations captivated the red carpet at the 77th Cannes Film Festival, which concluded on May 25. Renowned supermodels Mirka Octavia Hendricks and Valeria Hjetenace showcased Dutta’s latest designs, drawing the attention of top photographers and fashion aficionados worldwide.

Cannes, known as the global hub of talent, beauty, and fashion, was illuminated by Dutta’s exquisite attire. This significant achievement solidified the Assamese designer’s presence in the international fashion scene.

Dutta, a celebrated entrepreneur from Assam, has carved out a prominent place in the competitive world of fashion. Her designs, already internationally recognized, received further acclaim at Cannes, emphasizing her growing influence. The supermodels’ outfits, expertly crafted in Dutta’s Guwahati-based textile enterprise, garnered widespread admiration at the esteemed event.

Adding to the event’s significance, Sanjukta Dutta herself graced the red carpet in the traditional Assamese Mekhela Chador, highlighting Assam’s rich cultural heritage and introducing its tradition to a global audience.

For a fleeting moment, the elegant garments worn by Hendricks and Hjetenace became the center of attention for the world’s leading photographers and videographers. This not only showcased Dutta’s exceptional talent but also placed Assamese fashion in the international spotlight.

Dutta’s participation, along with the supermodels’ appearance in her designs, underscored the cultural importance and aesthetic beauty of Assamese fashion, earning high praise from fashion critics and audiences alike.

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