Baihata Road Accident: Kamrup Police Arrested Escaping Doctor

Guwahati: The doctor who was fleeing after being involved in the tragic road accident at Baihata Chariali has been arrested by Kamrup Police.

The doctor has been identified as Dr. Nagen Hazuri.

Two siblings lost their lives after they were hit by a speeding car driven by Dr. Nagen Hazuri at Kendukona in Kamrup district on January 17 (Tuesday).

The doctor is accused of driving while intoxicated which contributed to the unfortunate accident. After the incident, furious neighbours and family members organised large-scale demonstrations to call for the doctor’s immediate arrest. Locals claimed that the doctor ran across the individuals while travelling to Nalbari.

According to police, Dr. Hazuri was apprehended in Guwahati on Friday when he was hiding.

The Baihata Police are now keeping the accused doctor in custody.

The two siblings killed in the tragedy were Gayatri Das (14) and Abinash Das (10). Two other people who were injured in the collision are presently receiving medical attention.

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