BJP MLA in Arunachal Pradesh’s Liromoba Constituency Loses Backing from Panchayat Members

Northeast Desk, 5th December: In a significant development, numerous Gram Panchayat members from Arunachal Pradesh’s Liromoba constituency, affiliated with the BJP, have withdrawn their support for the current MLA, Nyamar Karbak.

Expressing their disapproval, a collective letter addressed to the BJP district president of West Siang district reveals that 21 Gram Panchayat members have decided to revoke their endorsement of Nyamar Karbak as the representative for the Liromoba constituency in the forthcoming assembly elections next year. The letter explicitly declares their support for Pesi Jilen to assume the role of MLA.

Citing reasons for their withdrawal, the Gram Panchayat members highlighted their loss of confidence in Nyamar Karbak, attributing it to what they described as his “utter negligence towards the public.” The letter emphasized a departure from the vision articulated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who asserted that “The real strength of democracy is at the grassroots.” According to the letter, the current MLA has deviated from this principle, leading to the marginalization of grassroots democracy.

Furthermore, the letter shed light on the alleged neglect and mismanagement of panchayat schemes under the present MLA’s oversight. Despite expressing their desire to remain dedicated BJP party workers, the Gram Panchayat members outlined that the prevailing circumstances and system under the current MLA compelled them to take this step.

Nyamar Karbak, who initially secured victory in the 2015 by-election as a Congress candidate and later as a BJP candidate in 2019, representing the Liromoba assembly seat in West Siang district, now faces a notable shift in support from within his party. Additionally, Karbak currently serves as an advisor to the home minister of Arunachal Pradesh.

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