BJP Releases ‘Empower Meghalaya’ Poll Manifesto for Assembly Elections

Guwahati: National president of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) JP Nadda published the election platform for the Meghalaya Assembly elections.

Nadda explained the meaning of the word “M” in the manifesto “Empower Meghalaya,” saying it stands for “Modi for Meghalaya.” The manifesto, according to him is the BJP’s design for a “Mega Meghalaya,” built on elements of speed, scale and skill.

The BJP national president said, Meghalaya’s potential which is rich in culture and history hasn’t been properly tapped and utilised up to this point in his remarks at the unveiling of the party’s election pledges on Wednesday in Shillong.

JP Nadda said there is a lot to be done in the state as there is plenty of scope for development.

Nadda said, “Corruption is also a major issue, which has posed a hindrance to the development of Meghalaya. The BJP wants to work towards a corruption-free Meghalaya by delivering strong governance which can only be created by a strong BJP government.”

“We need to raise visions of Mega Meghalaya, we have to think big. Speed, scale and skill, all have to come together if we are to take Meghalaya to its promised state,” the BJP national president said.

He emphasised the necessity of the state apparatus in enacting these changes but he also emphasised the need for public approval of the leadership.

“To ensure that this happens, we have promised in our manifesto to implement the 7th Pay Commission in Meghalaya and disburse salaries on time,” Nadda added.

By adding an additional Rs 2,000 to the already given Rs 6,000 annually, the BJP will increase the benefit under the Center’s flagship “Kisan Samman Nidhi” scheme.

Additionally, he noted Special Economic Zones would be created to empower young people and numerous industrial units will be built throughout the state to create job possibilities.

If the BJP wins the election, Nadda said a plan to give landless farmers an annual grant of Rs 3,000 and fishermen an annual grant of Rs 6,000 will also be put into effect.

A Special Task Force would also be established under the direction of a retired Supreme Court judge, to look into every case of corruption in the state, according to Nadda.

He continued by saying that the BJP would create a “peaceful, developed and prosperous” state in Meghalaya.

On February 27, Meghalaya and Nagaland will both hold elections. The counting of votes will be done on March 2.

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