Brush up on your history: Bora to Nadda

Guwahati: After Bharatiya Janata Party’s national President, JP Nadda termed the Congress party members as ‘political tourists’, Assam Pradesh Congress Committee President, Ripun Bora condemning the statement advised Nadda to “brush up on his history”.

Bora ‘reminded’ Nadda that the BJP party was born in 1980 while the Congress party was born in 1885. “How can a party that has been in existence for 136 years, that brought freedom for its people from British domination and that ruled India and contributed towards nation building be termed as political tourists?,” Bora questioned.

Bora further advised the National President to brush up on his history.
He also added that just because the Congress party lost elections in Assam, one cannot pass derogatory remarks like ‘political tourists’ for the party.
He questioned, “The BJP lost elections in states like in Bengal, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, does make members of the BJP political tourists?”
Bora also questioned that where were the BJP leaders when Assam was ravaged by the floods in 2017 and 2018?

“While PM Narendra Modi could make out time to come to Assam umpteenth times for election campaigns why couldn’t he find time to be near the people of the state during the floods?”, he further questioned.
Bora further said that the Congress party is not answerable to the BJP President on what the Congress party is doing during the COVID situation. “People of the state know whether the Congress members in the various districts of Assam are with them or not. But the people of the state also know that it is due to the faulty COVID policy of the BJP Government at the Centre led by PM Modi that the people of Assam are suffering due to lack of vaccines”, he added.

He further added, “Today 50 per cent of the Covid Vaccine Centres have been shut down in Assam. Recently police had to resort to lathi-charge in Covid Centres as people became restive due to lack of vaccines.”
Following this, Bora further advised Nadda that instead of discussing the Congress party in his virtual meetings with his party members he should ensure the safety of the people of Assam from Covid by facilitating the quick availability of vaccines as the longer the delay the greater is the threat to people’s lives.

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