Chaos Erupts in Taiwanese Parliament Amidst Brawl Over Reforms

International Desk, 18th May: The Taiwanese Parliament descended into chaos on May 17 as MPs engaged in a violent brawl, punching, kicking, pushing, and shoving each other. The uproar followed a heated debate over a set of proposed reforms.

According to media reports, the scuffle erupted during a discussion on a proposal aimed at granting lawmakers more authority to oversee the government’s actions. Tensions escalated rapidly, leading to a physical altercation among the MPs.

Eyewitnesses reported scenes of mayhem as MPs snatched files and dashed outside the Parliament, with some leaping over tables and others dragging colleagues to the ground in the midst of the chaos.

The brawl occurred just days before president-elect Lai Ching-te is scheduled to assume office on May 20. Reports suggest that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and the Kuomintang (KMT) were embroiled in a dispute over a new measure that would criminalize officials for making false statements in parliament.

The debate quickly spiraled out of control, with members exchanging accusations and insults both inside and outside the chamber. The formation of the new government is already marred by controversy, as Lai’s DPP lost its parliamentary majority despite emerging victorious in the January elections.

The incident underscores the deep divisions and political tensions gripping Taiwan as it navigates through a period of transition and uncertainty.

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