Child Rights Club to be set up in Tripura Schools

Guwahati: The Tripura Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (TCPCR) stated that child rights clubs will be formed in all schools to teach and sensitise children about their rights and self-defense.

TCPCR chairman Nilima Ghosh expressed deep concern about the rising incidences of sexual abuse, drug use, and other neglectful activities among children and adolescents, saying that children must be aware of their rights, self-protection mechanisms, and social issues they face on a daily basis in the changing environment, in addition to academic curriculum.

Each state government school will develop a club with children of all ages, where teachers will give training and the commission will organise workshops for selected teachers if necessary.

The members of the club will have the opportunity to discuss issues that affect their peers, parents, teachers, and elders.

In addition, the club will conduct community-wide campaigns against child marriage, social abuse, and exploitation, including child labour.


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