‘City Cab’ Service App To Be Launched By Assam Govt

Guwahati: A new cab service app will be launched by the Assam Government for the citizens in 2023.

This was informed by transport minister Parimal Suklabaidya on Saturday.

Suklabaidya held a meeting with the city’s cab drivers earlier today at ISBT in Guwahati.

Reports stated that the new taxi service introduced by the government will be made reasonably priced for the users.

The service would also be advantageous to the drivers since they will only be required to pay Rs. 12.50 per day in commission for each journey to the app.

As many as 50,000 cabs will be engaged under this taxi service.

It should be noted that the cab and bike services have caused problems for many commuters since the government relaxed the COVID-19 lockout because they demand more money and, if denied, cancel the ride. Our state government took a few rigorous measures to stop this problem after becoming aware of it, but they had no effect.

However, the cab drivers claimed that because the cab companies they work for charge such high commissions for each journey, they do not make much money.

This initiative was developed by the government to help both service providers and consumers.

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