Cong Demands CM’s Resignation in Nagaland Over Graft Charges

Guwahati: The Nagaland coalition administration led by Neiphiu Rio has been accused of embezzling public funds with just over a month till the state assembly elections. The Congress has requested the resignation of the chief minister on moral grounds after an investigation into his associates.

“CM Rio should’ve resigned on moral grounds as his govt siphons public money while CM Rio & his many allies face ED interrogation. Because of Rio govt, Ops Lotus could find its roots in Nagaland, it’ll be worse if they’re allowed to expand,” said Mahima Singh, the media coordinator of AICC on Monday addressing the media in the state capital.

She emphasised that while the Meghalaya, Manipur and Tripura HC buildings were finished in 2013, the Nagaland High Court building whose foundation stone was set by the Congress in 2007 is still awaiting completion.

“Although financial sanctions worth 70 crore have been made by Rio’s Coalition Government till date, the high court building is still nowhere to be seen,” she said.

Singh claimed that if the alliance is re-elected, punitive laws like the Citizenship Amendment Act and the Uniform Civil Code could be forced on the defenceless citizens of Nagaland, violating their inalienable rights.

She asserted that the High Court Scam has grown into a significant opportunity for Operation Lotus in Nagaland and suggested that the BJP might use this as leverage on the notoriously dishonest Rio government.

Mahima said, “The kind trusting people of Nagaland that were already being cheated upon by the Rio coalition government, now their own chosen representatives are being blackmailed by the Centre as the corrupt ways of the Rio government has put the state in the most vulnerable spot today with Nagaland emerging at the top with 90 per cent corruption, while the rate of corruption elsewhere is 40 to 50 per cent.”

The AICC Media Coordinator claimed that the people of Nagaland must defeat Rio’s politics of corruption, malaise, deceit and opportunism in 2023 by voting out the NDPP and its blackmailer allies (BJP) to prevent Nagaland from becoming like Assam, Manipur, Goa, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh. The state assembly elections are scheduled for February 27.

She believed that if Congress won there would be more inclusivity for women because there have been no female parliamentarians in the state for the past 20 years. She also vowed that her party will fight fiercely for the Naga people.

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