Congress leader Rahul Gandhi: BJP is like ‘classroom bully’

Guwahati: Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi poked fun at the BJP in his first campaign rally for the forthcoming Meghalaya assembly elections.

Rahul Gandhi, a senior member of the Congress, attacked the BJP harshly, calling it a “bully in the classroom.”

Rahul Gandhi compared the BJP and RSS to bullies who act like they are infallible and show no regard for others.

“BJP and RSS are the class bullies and we have to teach them a lesson collectively through non violence,” said Rahul Gandhi.

Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi made this statement on Wednesday while speaking to a massive gathering in Shillong, Meghalaya, which is headed towards elections.

Rahul Gandhi further claimed that the BJP “does not have any love or respect for other’s traditions, cultures, language and religions”.

Rahul Gandhi also accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of attacking people’s religions, cultures, histories, and languages while dressing as members of several Northeastern tribes.

“When I come here to Meghalaya, I try to understand your perspective, listen to you and appreciate your history, culture and traditions,” Rahul Gandhi said.

“I am wearing this jacket as a sign of respect to your culture and traditions. My actions reflect this jacket,” he added.

“Many states in India are being affected by the BJP dictate. One idea, that is, of the BJP and the RSS is being imposed on all states,” Rahul Gandhi said.

The senior Congress leader claimed that the BJP fosters communal polarisation by citing the Karnataka anti-conversation bill and instances of mob lynching.

Rahul Gandhi stated that his speeches are not broadcast by the nation’s leading media outlets in contrast to PM Modi.

“My speeches are not visible in the media as the media is controlled by 2-3 big industrialists who have links with PM Modi. We can’t even express ourselves in the media anymore,” Rahul Gandhi said.

“I asked PM about his relationship with Adani. I also showed a picture in which Adani and PM are sitting in Adani’s aircraft and PM Modi is relaxing as if it is his own house. PM Modi did not answer a single question regarding it,” Rahul Gandhi said.

He added, “He asked me a question and said why is my name Gandhi and not Nehru? I gave the speech in Parliament and then you notice that PM Modi is all over the television when he gives his speech but my speech is nowhere to be seen.”

Notably, the top leaders of the Congress have not yet participated in the election campaigns in the three Northeastern states of Tripura, Meghalaya, and Nagaland.

Polling will be held in both the states of Meghalaya and Nagaland on February 27 (Monday) while the counting is scheduled on March 2 (Thursday).

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