Congress MP Attacks Govt On India-China Border Clash

Guwahati: Congressman Manish Tewari pressed the administration about the incident involving Chinese and Indian forces on the LAC on December 9 as part of his escalating criticism of the Center government’s handling of border issues with China.

The Congress leader was cross-examined about the Yangtse clash that happened on December 9 that took place in the eastern Sector, citing the joint press release of the 17th round of the India-China corps commander-level meeting.

Taking to Twitter Congress MP Manish Tewari posted the joint press briefing of the said meeting and said, “Press release on 17th round of Indo-China Core Commander Level meeting states “In the interim, the two sides agreed to maintain the security and stability on the ground in the Western Sector” Yangtse clash-9th December took place in eastern Sector. What about tranquility there?”

The opposition made further attempts to gherao the central administration regarding the most recent border skirmish between China and India.

The Leader of the Opposition and President of the Congress, Mallikarjun Kharge, attempted to bring up the border issue in the Rajya Sabha earlier on Thursday during the winter session of Parliament.

“When we want a discussion to protect the country, there is no other rule for this,” Mallikarjun Kharge said.

Speaking to Rajya Sabha Chairman and Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar, Kharge said, “you said that you will call me and the leader of the house inside a room and talk. Sir, this is not something to be discussed inside, this should be known to the whole world. The country should know. Those who elected us and sent us to Parliament should know. This is for the country. Discussion is necessary.” He further added, “We want to discuss and will fight for unity in the country. We are with the soldiers.”

Replying to Kharge, Union Minister Piyush Goyal said, “The issue, continuously raised by the leader of the opposition has been discussed many times in the house. Earlier also the Deputy Chairman detailed the issue and gave four instances when they (Congress) were in the government, then such serious topics were not even discussed and no clarification was given.”

“Our Foreign Minister and Defence Minister have given a detailed statement on the issue that Kharge is raising. We have kept complete information on behalf of the government in the House,” Goyal added.

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops attempted to cross the Line of Actual Control in the Yangtse area of the Arunachal Pradesh Tawang Sector and unilaterally change the status quo earlier this month, but they were thwarted by prompt action by Indian military commanders, the Defence Minister Rajnath Singh informed both Houses of parliament.

The Defence Minister assured that “our forces are committed to protecting our territorial integrity and will continue to thwart any attempt made on it”. Singh also displayed confidence that “this entire House will stand united in supporting our soldiers in the brave effort”.

Explaining the incident, the Minister said: “I would like to brief this august House about an incident on our border in the Tawang Sector of Arunachal Pradesh on December 9, 2022.”

“On December 9, 2022, PLA troops tried to transgress the LAC in the Yangtse area of Tawang Sector and unilaterally change the status quo. The Chinese attempt was contested by our troops in a firm and resolute manner. The ensuing face-off led to a physical scuffle in which the Indian Army bravely prevented the PLA from transgressing into our territory and compelled them to return to their posts,” said Singh.

He further said “the scuffle led to injuries to a few personnel on both sides”, and clarified that “there are no fatalities or serious casualties on our side”. “Due to the timely intervention of Indian military commanders, PLA soldiers went back to their locations,” Singh said.

As a follow-up of the incident, the Minister further said, the local commander in the area held a “flag meeting with his counterpart on December 11, 2022 to discuss the issue in accordance with established mechanisms”.

“The Chinese side was asked to refrain from such actions and maintain peace and tranquillity along the border. The issue has also been taken up with the Chinese side through diplomatic channels,” Singh said.

The Minister also assured the Houses that “our forces are committed to protecting our territorial integrity and will continue to thwart any attempt made on it”.

“I am confident that this entire House will stand united in supporting our soldiers in their brave effort,” the Minister added as he spoke separately in both Houses on the same statement.

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