Conrad K Sangma: “Big leaders” of different political parties making tall

Guwahati: Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma stated on February 21 that while other political parties’ “big leaders” are campaigning in the State and making inflated claims, they will leave after the Meghalaya Assembly elections on February 27, 2023, while the National People’s Party (NPP) “will remain with the people of Meghalaya,” he added.

“Leaders of different political parties are campaigning today in the State. They don’t realise that they are not aware of any ground situation of Meghalaya, and just for the sake of campaign are making allegations. Post election, all of them will disappear and only NPP will remain with the people of Meghalaya,” NPP chief Conrad K Sangma said in his address at an election meeting at Garobadha to seek support for party candidate Subir Marak, who is pitted against TMC’s Zenith Sangma in Rangsakona Constituency. 

“People of Meghalaya have an option to choose and it’s time to response your faith in the party that will be with us always,” he urged. 

In a WhatsApp message, which he also sent to the crowd, he explained that the complete form of the TMC in Garo is a party that “lies,” the BJP is a party that “creates trouble,” and the NPP is a party that promotes development.

“People of Meghalaya have given their trust to NPP. People have seen the way our party has been committed to the cause of our people. We have envisioned a brighter future for Meghalaya and we will work as a team to build a stronger Meghalaya,” he assured. 

Stating that the Government has ensured peace and stability in the State, he said, “A mandate for NPP in this election would ensure momentum of growth and development to continue.” 

Subir Marak, an NPP candidate from Rangsakona, pleaded with voters to elect him. He promised to devote himself to the general development of Rangsakona if given the mandate. He also encouraged the NPP leader to create a government institution in Garobadha to enhance the quality of higher education in the region.

Subir also promised that if elected, he would use his MLA pay to fund the education of young people in his district.

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