Conrad Sangma: Construction by Assam Within M’laya Will Not be Allowed

Guwahati: Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma stated on Tuesday that the state government will not permit any building by Assam if it is carried out inside the borders of the hill state.

Speaking to media persons, chief minister Sangma said, “Anything within the jurisdiction of Meghalaya done by anybody or any government or any other autonomous body will not be allowed.”

The chief minister of Meghalaya gave the assurance that the state government will continue to discuss these issues in the future to ensure that they would not arise again and that no instigation or other action that might result in situations like these would take place.

Additionally, CM Sangma promised to stay in touch and make sure that communication is at the greatest level possible.

While responding to a query on the Assam Government’s decision to reconstruct the forest beat office at Mukroh in West Jaintia Hills, Sangma said, “We will take up this matter with the Assam Government.”

The government was compelled by a delegation of the Mukroh Dorbar Shnong and KSU leaders to dismantle the Assam forest beat house immediately

Sangma reported that over the past two days, he had numerous conversations with Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma.

He said, “We are going to have more discussions in the coming days also in discussion with these issues and how to ensure that these kinds of future situations don’t happen again and no instigation or no kind of action that could lead to these kinds of situations should not happen. We are now in constant touch and we are ensuring that the communication happens at the highest level.”

Sangma specifically mentioned that the state administration has approved border outposts in critical locations along the shared boundary with Assam. Thirty individuals who were assigned to a platoon in Mukroh have already been given permanent positions. He added that the border outpost is in Mukroh whereas the outpost is in Barato.

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