CPI(M): BJP to come down to single digits in Tripura elections

Guwahati: CPI(M) State Committee Secretary Jitendra Chaudhury said that the Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura (IPFT), the saffron party’s alliance partner in the election-bound state, will lose ground to the BJP and this will be IPFT’s final election. He claimed that the people of Tripura are now setting their own agendas for the election.

The CPIM leader claimed that in Tripura’s electoral history, voters had set their own agendas during a news conference held at the Agartala Press Club.

“People are setting their own direction which is restoring democracy and law and order and would take step to oust the misrule of BJP and for that they are waiting for 16th February”, claimed Chaudhury.

According to their strategy and the current scenario, he claimed that the party fielded more than 60% young and fresh candidates in this election because many veterans didn’t want to compete on the grounds of party work and health.

On political violence, the CPIM leader said, “Not a single political party has demanded anything before the ECI but ECI from their own took Zero Poll violence policy. On the day of the declaration of poll one incident in Majlishpur took place and ECI steps have built up confidence in people. But in some sectors, ECI is following old trends to make a section of people happy. But some sporadic incidents are challenging the ECI but people are ready to prevent any kind of barriers”.

However, he asserted that over the past 15 days, it has become increasingly evident that the Left, Congress and Tipra Motha will form a majority and that the Left will do so all by itself.

“BJP will come down in single digits and this is the end of IPFT.  PM and HM are coming because this election is posing something big in the long run and this combination in the whole country has created e good image and sent a message to the world. HM and PM are worried about this. In post poll anything can happen for the country”, he added.

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