Defence Expert: Chinese Army Cannot be Trusted About Actions at LAC

Guwahati: Defense expert Praful Bakshi said on Monday that the Chinese Army cannot be trusted with regard to its behaviour along the Line of Actual Control and that the patrolling locations should be turned into a permanent Line of Control.

The defence expert stated that although military negotiations should continue, India may need to modify its position in light of Chinese moves. He added that India should enhance its border region logistics.

These remarks comes after a face-off between Indian and Chinese troops in the Tawang sector on Friday which led to minor injuries to personnel from both sides, sources said on Monday.

According to Praful Bakshi of ANI, the Chinese were unprepared for the fast response of the Indian army.

“Chinese are maintaining the same stance. They are being aggressive. We have now got alerted. Our reaction was quick and least expected by the Chinese. They underestimated us. We must now think about changing our policy. We must now become firm. If need be, we will talk with weapons. That is the requirement. Our logistics arrangement must improve further,” Bakshi said.

“I see the whole thing as one-sided. India is very true to its words, so they continue doing as per the SOPs laid down. But the Chinese are waiting. They wait for a chance where they can violate and intrude. I have been hearing that they have inducted 5 more battalions and trying to gain heights. 5 battalions mean close to 5,000 people. That means the Chinese cannot be trusted. How long are you going to trust China?” he added.

He also mentioned India’s response to prior Chinese activity in Ladakh near the LAC.

“Suppose that Indian soldiers had not stopped them, the Chinese would not have gone back. Our Commander took the initiative to call a flag meeting. Chinese would have very reluctantly come for the flag meeting. I feel that we will have to change our stance. Let the meeting continue. You can elevate the conduct of the meeting to higher ranks but it should be decided that now let the patrolling point become the permanent Line of Control for both sides,” the defence expert furtehr stated.

“The Indian government now must know that the Chinese cannot be trusted anymore. They have to give orders to Army accordingly. Chinese must know that India is not going to go back,” the expert added.

According to the reports, after the conflict in the Tawang sector, the commander of India in the region met with his counterpart to discuss the situation in line with established procedures to bring about peace and tranquilly.

Reportedly, there are places along the LAC in Arunachal Pradesh’s Tawang Sector where there are different perceptions and where both sides patrol the area up to their respective claim lines. This has been the trend since 2006.

Reports further stated that the Indian troops stationed in the region of the encounter responded appropriately to the Chinese troops, and more Chinese soldiers were injured in the conflict than Indian soldiers.

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