Defence Minister Rajnath Singh dedicates 28 BRO infra projects worth Rs 724 crore From Arunachal Pradesh

Digital Desk: Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on January 3 dedicated 28 infrastructure projects of Border Roads Organisation (BRO) worth Rs 724 crore to the nation in an occasion held at Siyom Bridge on Along-Yinkiong Road in Arunachal Pradesh.

The projects include 22 bridges, including the Siyom Bridge, three roads, and three additional projects in seven Border States and union territories in the northern and northeastern areas.

Ladakh has eight of these projects, Arunachal Pradesh has five, Jammu & Kashmir has four, Sikkim has three, Punjab and Uttarakhand has three, and Rajasthan has two. In addition, three telemedicine nodes were officially inuagurated, two in Ladakh and one in Mizoram.

In his address, Singh referred to the initiatives as evidence of the Government’s and the BRO’s coordinated efforts to develop border areas so as to improve the operational readiness of the Armed Forces and assure the socioeconomic development of the remote areas.

Moreover, he stated that connecting border regions and ensuring the development of their populations are major priorities for the government, which is led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He further stressed that the goal is to create a powerful and independent “New India” to successfully handle any future issues that may occur as a result of the constantly changing global environment.

“The world is witnessing a number of conflicts today. India has always been against war. It is our policy. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi drew the world’s attention to that resolve when he said ‘this is not the era of war’. We do not believe in war, but if it is forced upon us, we will fight. We are ensuring that the Nation is protected from all threats. Our Armed Forces are ready and it is heartening to see that the BRO is walking shoulder-to-shoulder with them,” he added.

The defence minister also emphasised the critical part that the BRO played in enhancing national security by building infrastructure in border regions.

“Recently, our forces effectively countered the adversary in the Northern sector and dealt with the situation with bravery & promptness. This was made possible due to adequate infrastructural development in the region. This motivates us even more for the progress of far-flung areas,” he added.

The Siyom Bridge, which is crucial from a strategic perspective, was physically inaugurated during the event on Along-Yinkiong Road, while the other projects were virtually committed to the country.

The Siyom Bridge spans the Siyom River in Arunachal Pradesh at a length of 100 metres and a class of 70 steel arch superstructures.

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