Dreaded Human Trafficker Held In Guwahati

Guwahati: A dreaded human trafficker and his accomplice were arrested by Guwahati city police on Friday night from a lodge in the Basistha area.

According to reports, the accused identified as Anowar Hussain allegedly lured number of women to Mumbai under the pretence of marrying them before selling them at the red light area.

The incident came to light when one of the women, who were rescued by Mumbai police recently, spilled the beans about Anowar’s deeds.

The woman claimed that in 2020, they both met on Facebook and made the decision to be married and go to Mumbai. Anowar allegedly sold her at the red light area after travelling to the city of dreams and then escaped.

Later, Mumbai police came to her rescue, and she was taken in by an NGO.

Based on information provided by the victim’s wife, a team of Guwahati police carried out an operation on Friday night and arrested Anowar and Rajeev Patel, one of his accomplices, from a lodge in Basistha.

It is suspected that Rajeev, who hails from Mumbai, is allegedly one of the linkmen in their human trafficking ring.

Police further informed that two more accused people are still at large and are making an effort to find them.

An investigation to unearth further linkages is underway.

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