Drug Addict Kills His Entire Family In Delhi

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Guwahati: In a shocking incident,  a man who recently returned from a rehab centre and was accused of murdering every member of his family in Delhi.

The accused has been identified as 25-year-old Keshav.

According to reports, he got into an argument with his family about some domestic issues and as a result he assaulted and fatally stabbed his parents, sister and grandmother.

The suspects was taken into custody after someone reported the incident to the police.

In their Palam home, they found the victims’ bodies with blood stains all over them.

They had both been stabbed repeatedly and had their throats slashed.

Reportedly,  the accused had been out of work since October and was using narcotics when the murders occurred.

The deceased were identified as grandmother Deewana Devi, 75, his father Dinesh, 50, mother Darshana, and sister Urvashi, 18.

According to reports, he killed them because they thwarted his attempt to flee his home.

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