East Garo Hills Police recovers huge arms & ammunition in Dorenkigre

The East Garo Hills (EGH) police yesterday recovered a huge stash of hidden arms and ammunition, allegedly kept by Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) militants that were about to surrender. The sensational new finding was brought about after a source informed the police of the possible presence of arms and ammunition stashed somewhere near the village of Dorenkigre, on the far bank of the Simsang. The area had been a major hideout of the GNLA and its late commander in chief, Sohan D Shira and continued searches in and around the area had led to huge findings, mostly after most of the militants had joined the mainstream.

As per information from sources, information was received on Sep 10 that a huge amount of arms and ammunition were kept hidden in the jungles by GNLA militants before they surrendered. Based on the information, search operations were launched by SF-10 commanders under the direction of the superintendent of police, EGH. The search operation began at the early morning hours today, Sep 11.

At about 8 am, the search party found what they were looking for from Pilongre area of Dorengkigre under Williamnagar PS. The recoveries included 1 Claymore IED box, 5 electronic detonators, 63 7.62 mm live ammo, 41 50 BMG live ammo and about 250 grams of explosives. As per reports the recovered arms and ammunition were brought to Williamnagar PS for further necessary action. A case has been registered in the matter and efforts are being made to look for more recoveries.

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