Former APSC Controller of Exams: ‘I Was Not Given Keys to Strong Room’

Guwahati: The keys to the strong room were not provided to the former Principal Controller of Examinations (PCE) of the Assam Public Service Commission (APSC), ACS Babul Saharia, on Tuesday, although as per rules the keys should have been with him.

He reportedly said this after being questioned by the Judicial Commission.

Saharia said, “I was not given keys to the strong room. As per rules, I should have had the keys.”

He further claimed that they will send him in the evening, he claimed further.

He said, “I used to travel everyday from Goreswar so what happened inside the strong room at night, I was unaware of it.”

He asserted that he immediately alerted the police to every irregularities he noticed in relation to the examination.

“The irregularities were led by the former chairperson of APSC Rakesh Pal,” he added.

The irregularities were confirmed by the PCE.

It should be noted that Pavitra Kaibarta, a close assistant to the primary suspect Rakesh Pal, appeared before the APSC Judicial Commission earlier today.

Kaibarta used to keep keys to the strong room illegally.

Saharia was also given notice to appear before the commission, and the commission questioned both of the former members.

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