Former Maldives President Urges Dialogue with Neighbors Amid Financial Struggles

International Desk, 25th March: Former Maldives President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has called upon current President Mohamed Muizzu to prioritize dialogue with neighboring countries, particularly India, to address the archipelago nation’s financial struggles. Solih’s remarks were made during a rally in Male’ to support Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) candidates, where he emphasized the importance of cooperation and constructive engagement to overcome financial obstacles.

Solih highlighted media reports suggesting Muizzu’s willingness to engage with India for debt restructuring but underscored that the nation’s financial burdens primarily stem from debts owed to China rather than India. He urged the government to shed stubbornness and seek constructive dialogue with neighboring nations, expressing confidence in their willingness to assist.

During his address, Solih also accused the current government of deceiving the public and attempting to take credit for projects initiated during his presidency. He criticized the lack of transparency and alleged falsehoods perpetuated by government ministers.

The strained relationship between Maldives and India has intensified since Muizzu assumed office, with the president demanding the withdrawal of Indian military personnel stationed in the Maldives. Despite tensions, Muizzu has maintained that India remains the Maldives’ closest ally, emphasizing the importance of the bilateral relationship.

Muizzu’s recent conciliatory tone towards India comes ahead of Maldives’ parliamentary elections scheduled for April 21. However, despite the significance of India-Maldives relations, Muizzu has yet to visit India since taking office, opting instead for a state visit to China in January.

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