French Ambassador Thierry Mathou’s Maiden Visit to Shillong Strengthens India-France Relations

Northeast Desk, 12th May: During his inaugural trip to Shillong, Meghalaya, the French Ambassador to India, Thierry Mathou, underscored the exemplary ties between India and France, expressing a keen interest in deepening relations with Meghalaya. His itinerary includes a meeting with the Chief Minister to discuss collaboration opportunities.

Ambassador Mathou emphasized the potential for cooperation in sports, a sector with significant popularity in the state, and mentioned France’s forthcoming Olympic Games as a point of interest.

Additionally, he identified culture as another promising avenue for interaction. During his visit to a sacred forest, he commended local efforts in environmental protection, showcasing admiration for the region’s conservation initiatives. His departure is scheduled for Monday, coinciding with a joint military exercise between the French and Indian armies planned in Shillong.

Furthermore, Ambassador Mathou visited the heritage village of Mawphlang, where he lauded the rich biodiversity of the area, highlighting the importance of preserving such natural treasures.

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