GMC Cracks Down on Property Tax Defaulters and Trade License Violators

Guwahayi, 18th February: Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) has escalated its efforts to boost property tax collection and enforce trade license regulations within the city. In a decisive move targeting property tax defaulters, GMC issued warrants against over 50 properties with outstanding arrears exceeding Rs. 2 crores.

According to a press release from the Commissioner of GMC, the crackdown aims to hold individuals and entities accountable for neglecting their property tax obligations. Failure to settle the arrears may result in GMC attaching the properties under sections 189(1) and 189(2) of the Guwahati Municipal Act 1971.

This initiative follows GMC’s proactive approach to enforcing trade license regulations. Earlier this month, on February 16, GMC conducted operations to identify businesses operating without the requisite trade licenses. As a result, two business establishments and a businessman faced fines for non-compliance.

AD Service Centre, situated on N C Road, incurred a fine of Rs. 40,000 for operating without a trade license for the sale of two-wheelers. Similarly, A R Steel Trading on Lokhra Road was penalized for lacking the necessary trade license. Additionally, Madan Lal Pareek received a fine for running two businesses on Lokhra Road with only one trade license, violating municipal regulations.

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