GMC seals ‘Pizza Hut’ in city’s Lokhra area

Guwahati: The Guwahati Municipal Corporation’s (GMC) Health and Enforcement Branches conducted a raid and sealed “M/s Pizza Hut,” Devyani International Limited located at Lokhra Road, Lalganesh, Ward no. 17, Guwahati for violating the terms and conditions for operating a restaurant business on December 31, 2022.

Inspections were conducted in response to a public complaint, and violations such as failure to produce a trade licence, improper installation of an exhaust chimney that caused a nuisance, improper installation of LPG cylinders near a high voltage electric transformer, and improper installation of a generator that put the public, pedestrians, and neighbours at risk for fire safety, among others were found.

Notably, M/s Pizza Hut received numerous reminders to correct the aforementioned irregularities; nonetheless, the dealer failed to do so.

Moreover, the commercial establishment neglected to deliver a copy of the building’s fire NOC to the relevant GMC branch as requested in the warnings.

The trading licence of M/s Pizza Hut was therefore withdrawn and the business was sealed on December 31, 2022 in light of the aforementioned, in the exercise of the powers granted under section 404 of the Guwahati Municipal Corporation Act, 1969 as amended and in the interest of public service.

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