Governor Refuses to Deliver Address in Tamil Nadu Assembly

National Desk, 12th February: The first session of the Tamil Nadu Assembly for the year 2024 witnessed unprecedented scenes as Governor RN Ravi refused to read the customary address prepared by the government on “factual and moral grounds.” The Governor asserted that the address contained numerous passages with which he vehemently disagreed on both factual and moral fronts.

“My repeated request and advice to show due respect to the national anthem and play it at the beginning and end of the address have been ignored. This address has numerous passages with which I convincingly disagree on factual and moral grounds. Lending my voice to them would constitute a constitutional travesty. Hence, with respect to the house, I conclude my address. Wish this house a productive and healthy discussion for the good of the people,” declared Governor RN Ravi.

Following the Governor’s refusal, Tamil Nadu Assembly speaker M. Appavu stepped in and began reading the Tamil interpretation of the Governor’s speech. He addressed the situation, stating, “The Tamil Nadu Government got approval for the Governor’s customary address, and he was here to read his address. He didn’t read his full speech, but I don’t want to blame him.”

The speaker continued, “The Governor also said the National Anthem should have been sung. Everyone has many opinions, but if we speak everything, it won’t be ethical. This Government, CM, Minister, and MLAs will treat the Governor with respect who is in a high position irrespective of many different opinions.”
The speaker remarked, “The Tamil Nadu Assembly is not less than those who walk on the path of Savarkar and Godse.” Following the speaker’s address, the Governor left the house without waiting for the customary singing of the national anthem.

Subsequently, the Tamil Nadu Assembly passed a resolution considering the Governor’s address as fully delivered, including those portions that were not read out. This incident bears resemblance to a similar episode on January 9, 2023, when Governor RN Ravi had walked out hastily following the adoption of a resolution to exclude a certain portion of his speech from the records of the house.

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