Green Purifiers For Your Homes

Guwahati: As we all know, day by day pollution is getting increased in cities because of the big numbers of vehicles, cutting plants for the purpose of construction and others. Poor quality of air has become a major issue in cities. While the air purifiers are doing good job in purifying air, planting air purifying plants is the best way to breathe fresh and pure.       

People use masks, cloths to protect themselves from the pollution when they step out from their homes, while staying at home they think it is safe. But do you know the indoor air quality can be very deceiving, and it’s not that safe as you think.

If you are staying in a city, you know how the buildings and flats has been constructed, it’s too congested to breathe pure. For making the air pure inside the house plant air purifying indoor plants that will continuously circulate clean air. These air purifying plants absorb carbon-di-Oxide along with other poisonous gases, chemical spread inside the house and purify the air by making oxygen gas.

In such a situation of not getting pure air outside, not even inside the house due to the lack of plantation, the need for air cleaning plants increases further. As we all have to think about our life, that how we can make it more comfortable and healthy . The first thing we need to do is making the air pure since we are living on it .

Inside the house only , there are so many Chemicals in our household items that slowly release toxic elements and some toxic gas into the air of the house such as Plastic, fiber, some rubber products, chemicals, some electronic appliances, new carpets, glue, chemical paints, Chemical air freshener etc.

All these things contain chemical and harmful gases like Carbon Mono Oxide, Formaldehyde, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen, Benzene, Toluene, Xylem, Ammonia, and Trichloroethylene etc., which are injurious to health.

The air purifying plants are easily available and affordable too. By adopting the green house plants you can make your home safe to breathe. These purifying plants are totally effective to purify the pollutants inside the home. It just needs a small area inside your home to plant the beneficial green plants and it will look attractive too.

Here are some Air Purifying plants with their features :

1. Areca Palm  This plants has a feature to absorb indoor pollutants like Acetone, Xylene , Toluene and Formaldehyde which arises from petroleum products like paints, wooden furniture. Areca Palm use to give a fresh air by absorbing above mentioned harmful pollutants . It also improves the central nervous system in children.

2. Aloe Vera – This plant has been basically praised for its medical purpose but it also plays a great role to prevent the indoor pollution . Unlike the other plants this plant releases more amount of Oxygen by absorbing Carbon dioxide .

3. Rubber Plant – Elle Décor clarifies that household air is absorbed into the leaves of the rubber plant. It is also beneficial to balance CO2 and Oxygen. It removes all the harmful pollutants while creating only oxygen as a byproduct.

4. Snake Plant – Snake plants are too known for their capacity to assist expel poisonous discuss toxins .In spite of the fact that in little commitments ,snake plants can retain cancer causing poisons ,counting CO2,benzene ,formaldehyde ,xylene and .With the capacity to assimilate and expel destructive poisons ,snake plants can act an compelling defense against airborne allergies.

5. Spider Plant – The well known Spider plant is additionally a winner cleanser of air . The NASA tests appeared it to expel around 90% of the possibly cancer causing chemical formaldehyde from the air . Since this chemical found in common family items like cements, grout and fillers ,it’s a great thought to keep one of these plants around your kitchen and lavatories particularly .

6. Money Plant – Local to Asia and Australia , Money plant may be a effective air filtering plant that cleans the indoor air . The plant is especially viable for managing with indoor air contamination caused by VOCs. Money plants is perfect for expelling airborne toxins from the indoor air. Being one of the most straightforward air decontaminating plants to grow and keep up , money plant could be a culminate normal air purifier for your homes ,particularly when the contamination levels are on top.

7. Neem Plant – Neem leaves are known to be a natural air purifier that trap tidy particles and assimilate vaporous poison . The leaf surface zone makes a difference in most extreme CO2 obsession and gives a shield against other contamination components like SO2.

8. Flamingo Lily – According to NASA flamingo lily is incredible at removing airborne like toluene, xylene and make the air fresh and pure.

9. Orchid Plant – It might appear difficult to accept that the excellent , tropical offer of an orchid might moreover severe a viable reason in your domestic, but it’s true . Since orchids are especially capable at evacuating xylene from the air , they make the idealize blessing for somebody who has as of late painted or remodeled a domestic.

10. Christmas Cactus –This wonderful cactus with shining ruddy buds blossoms completely in December . Like other plants , this cactus expels CO2 and discharges oxygen at night making it a awesome plant for the room . It lean towards semi-sun and is exceedingly safe to creepy crawly pervasion.

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