Guwahati Double Murder Case Accused Bondona Claims: Killed Husband After He Killed Own Mother

Guwahati: The primary accused Bondona Kalita killed her husband Amarjyoti Dey after he had killed the other victim in the Guwahati twin murder case, Shankari Dey, as per the recent revelation.

According to reports, Nirmalya Dey, whose complaint led to the police starting their investigation into the incident, disclosed this new angle in the Guwahati murder case.

The nephew of the victim Shankari Dey claims that Bondona Kalita stated that she killed her spouse after he murdered his mother. This adds a new element to the tragic story that has shocked the state as a whole.

Furthermore, it runs counter to what the primary accused, Bondona Kalita, admitted to the Guwahati police at the outset of the investigation. Kalita will remain in the custody of the Guwahati Police for an additional six days, and the investigation into the high-profile homicide case is anticipated to move forward quickly.

Guwahati police currently suspect that this is an attempt to sabotage the investigation and derail the police’s line of inquiry as Bondona Kalita had previously confessed to having committed the two murders to the police.

The latest information indicates that Bondona Kalita only killed her spouse Amarjyoti Dey out of sorrow over the passing of her mother-in-law Shankari Dey.

Bondona alleged that Amarjyoti had killed his own mother in July and this had pained her leading her to murder Amarjyoti later in August, last year.

It should be mentioned that Bondona Kalita has attempted to mislead the investigation before. Bondona Kalita unexpectedly became sick on Tuesday while being taken to Dawki in Meghalaya to look for the body parts of her mother-in-law and husband.

The inquiry was delayed because she had to be rushed back to Gauhati Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) in Guwahati right away. The primary suspect in the murder, Bondona Kalita, was yesterday ordered to remain in police detention for an additional six days by the Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) Court.

She was produced before the CJM judge in relation to the twin cold-blooded murders in Guwahati and the police had been requesting her custody for seven days. Bondona had previously been remanded for six additional days after being placed in four days of police custody, which concluded yesterday.

Prime accused Bondona Kalita is accused of killing her husband and mother-in-law, dismembering the corpses, and then disposing of the parts in Meghalaya. The shocking Shraddha Walkar-like twin murder case in Guwahati first surfaced on February 19. She was not alone in the act and had two accomplices, Arup Deka and Dhanjit Deka, who were also arrested.

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