Guwahati: Ghostly Delays Haunt GMC’s Development Projects, Says Assam Cabinet Minister

Guwahati, 21st December: In a surprising revelation, Ashok Singhal, Assam’s Cabinet Minister of Housing & Urban Affairs and Irrigation, disclosed a mysterious hindrance affecting crucial projects within the Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) – a ghost. Singhal expressed frustration over prolonged delays, particularly in completing significant markets like Ganeshguri and Beltola, both inaugurated in 2014. Despite repeated efforts, the projects faced hindrances attributed by Singhal to an elusive ghost within the GMC.

The Minister highlighted challenges in securing contractors, noting that three rounds of tenders yielded no takers. It was only in the fourth attempt that a contractor stepped forward, leaving the fate of the project uncertain.

Singhal emphasized the urgency to address the issue, stating, “Whether it’s a departmental ghost or a real ghost, we are unable to determine, but we will catch and find out this ghost soon.” He assured that there is no foul play from the contractors’ side and emphasized a thorough examination by the Mayor and Commissioner.

Calling for the completion of pending projects within a year, Singhal expressed concern over the decade-long delays. He also acknowledged the Central government’s commitment to providing Rs 850 crores for development, commending the state’s efforts in implementing reforms. The revelation of a ghostly impediment adds a unique twist to the challenges faced by the GMC in its developmental endeavors.

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