Guwahati: Massive fire breaks out in Fatasil Ambari

Guwahati, 24th April: A terrifying fire incident has rattled the area of Fatasil in Ambari, leaving behind a trail of devastation. The blaze erupted within a tent house, swiftly engulfing all its contents in flames, according to witnesses at the scene.

Eyewitnesses recount that the fire consumed the entire tent house and its belongings, reducing them to ashes. Despite efforts to contain the inferno, undertaken by four fire-fighting vehicles dispatched to the scene, the flames raged uncontrollably.

As authorities grapple with the aftermath, the exact cause of the fire remains shrouded in mystery. Investigations are ongoing, with the Fatasil police station closely monitoring the situation surrounding this alarming incident.

The fire outbreak has sparked concerns among residents and authorities alike, underscoring the pressing need for vigilance and preventive measures to avert similar incidents in the future.

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