Guwahati Murder Case: Accused Tried To Kill Husband Before, Neighbours Alleged

Guwahati: Bondona Kalita’s neighbours have shed some light on her character by asserting that she had previously attempted to murder her husband.

 Bondona Kalita is the main suspect in the Guwahati murder case, which is similar to the Shraddha Walkar case.

The tenants also revealed her extramarital affairs in a shocking revelation on Monday, which is understood to be the main motivation behind the awful murder that came to light yesterday.

Bondona Kalita has been named as the prime accused who murdered her husband and her mother-in-law with two accomplices in Noonmati locality of Guwahati. Authorities arrested her and have been kept her at the Panbazar All Women’s Police Station.

The tenants reported that Kalita often misbehaved with them and got into confrontations with them about paying their rent. Also, they discussed a number of occasions in which the accused was spotted with other men, indicating that she is a frequent adulterer.

“Bondona would also get into arguments with her husband Amarjyoti daily and fight with him. Over the years she had tried to murder him several times but was unsuccessful,” the neighbours said.

The tenant further added, “She would also misbehave with us over paying the rent. We have seen her with other men several times.”

The neighbours also said that the two were discussing obtaining a divorce while noting that the last time they had seen Amarjyoti, the victim husband, was on August 17, 2022, providing fresh details to the murder case.

Moreover, it has now come to light that Bondona Kalita, whose parents had previously maintained she was innocent, burned down numerous of her husband’s possessions on the terrace of their apartment in an effort to destroy evidence following the murder.

The horrifying murder has shocked the entire city of Guwahati and has drawn striking parallels to the Delhi murder case of Shraddha Walkar.

Bondona Kalita’s father defended her while urging for her to be shot if she were found guilty in the murder case, claiming he was unaware of the incident.

The primary accused’s parents claimed to be unaware of her crimes and to have never heard of a murder of this calibre.

The father said, “We cannot believe that she can do such a thing. Shoot her down if she is found guilty of the murder.”

Her parents revealed that Bondona Kalita had got married to Amarjyoti, the victim husband, around 10 years ago. According to reports, the accused was staying with her parents when she was arrested after having committed the murder.

The prime accused Bondona Kalita is suspected of murdering her husband Amarjyoti Dey and mother-in-law Shankari Dey with assistance from her lover and another accomplice. They cut the bodies into smaller pieces and stored them in a refrigerator before disposing of the remains, which they dumped in various locations throughout the neighbouring state of Meghalaya. It is believed that the incident happened a few months ago.

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