Hill Soil Cutting banned in Kamrup

Guwahati: The Kamrup district administration on Friday banned the illegal cutting, procurement, and transportation of hill soil from the hill areas of the Kamrup district. The order was passed by the deputy commissioner under section 144 CrPC.

The district administration in an order station that although the Assam Government has prohibited the earth cutting in hill areas in Assam under the Assam Hills and Ecological Sites Protection Act, 2006, some people are illegally cutting and carrying sand, earth, and boulders from different hill areas of Kamrup district.

These illegal activities have become a cause for imminent danger of erosions, landslides, and blockage of drains, extensive danger to the life and property of people residing in the adjoining areas, and also irreparably damage to the environment and loss of government revenue.

A joint Task Force has been constituted to enforce the order.

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