Himanta Biswa Sarma Praises Kili and Neema Paul for Globalizing Assamese Culture through ‘Mon Hira Doi’ Dance

Entertainment Desk, 8th December: Kili Paul and his sister Neema Paul share a common passion for dance, often treating their followers to videos showcasing their flawless moves to viral Indian songs.

Recently, the duo delighted their audience with a captivating performance to the timeless Assamese song ‘Mon Hira Doi’.

Expressing his appreciation on Twitter, Himanta Biswa Sarma commented, ‘Mon Hira Doi’, this evergreen Assamese foot-tapping song, wins hearts of the internet sensation Kili Paul and Neema Paul as they dance to its tune. I always believe that – be it Bihu or any other Assamese song, our culture has the potential to go global”.

During the golden age of Assamese cinema, a remarkable event occurred. The industry welcomed its first superhero, a charismatic figure named Biju Phukan. ‘

Mon Hira Doi,’ featured in the Assamese film ‘Bowari’ and sung by the state’s inaugural superstar, Biju Phukan, showcases traditional Assamese melodies.

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