IGP Prasanta Kumar Bhuyan Appointed As New Spokesperson Of Assam Police

Guwahati: The spokesperson for the main headquarters in Guwahati was announced by the Assam Police on Thursday.

This comes after Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta’s retirement and the appointment of Gyanendra Pratap Singh as the new director general of police (DGP).

The new spokesperson has reportedly been named as Inspector General of Police (IGP) Prasanta Kumar Bhuyan.

This was notified by orders of the new Assam DGP GP Singh. It should be mentioned that on January 31, with the term of departing Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta coming to an end, GP Singh assumed leadership as the new DGP of Assam.

DGP GP Singh spoke at a news conference at the DGP headquarters in Guwahati and emphasised his enthusiasm to serve for the people of Assam.

The new DGP said, “I will execute my duties and responsibilities towards the people of Assam with due respect. During my term as the DGP, I will try to work for the best interest of the people of the state and try to give a new look to the police.”

“I want to provide a good platform for officers of Assam Police. I will try to complete all works which were started by outgoing DGP Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta. The works initiated in the last three years will be given a new direction,” GP Singh said.

GP Singh said, “All designated officers have to look into serious issues faced by the people. We will also have to focus on issues that are taking a centre stage on social media. We will try to strengthen and improve social media platforms.”

He added that important state matters would be given top priority.

Singh said, “Top police officers at the district level have to work till 1 am if needed. Problems of female officers will be also looked into. Women officers sometimes face health problems due to lack of hygienic toilet facilities. Therefore better facilities will be made available for female officers at all spots.”

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