“India will see COVID-19 peak in Mid-November”, Statement True or False?

A study conducted by a research group claimed that COVID-19 cases will peak in India by mid November as the coronavirus cases are surging in a very high rate because of easing the Lockdown. However on Monday ICMR rejected the report and tagged it as “misleading”. ICMR tweeted that report like this are often misleading and the study doesn’t reflect the official position of the government body.

In the official tweet ICMR typed “The news reports attributing this study to ICMR are misleading. This refers to a non peer reviewed modelling, not carried out by ICMR and does not reflect the official position of ICMR”.

ICMR and government have asked the people not believe in such reports as most of them are misleading, misinformed and doesn’t reflect authentic information.

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