Indians Carrying National Flag attacked by pro-Khalistan forces in Australia, 5 injured

Guwahati: On social media, another disturbing incident involving men from alleged pro-Khalistani groups in Australia that involved attacks on Indians holding the national flag in their hands surfaced, The Australia Today reported.

Taking to Twitter, The Australia Today said five people were sent to the hospital after the attack.

“Another video of #Khalistan goons running a mock in #Melbourne’s Federation Square Five injured one in Hospital,” The Australia Today tweeted.

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa denounced the ‘anti-India activities’ of pro-Khalistani in Australia after the video went viral.

“I strongly condemn anti-India activities by pro-Khalistani in Australia. Anti-social elements that are trying to disrupt the peace & harmony of the country with these activities, must be dealt with strongly and culprits must be brought to books,” tweeted Sirsa.

The Indian group was observed fleeing the area while the Khalistani gang kept hitting them. An Indian flag was witnessed being broken and thrown on the ground by one person.

On Twitter, Sarah L. Gates, the director of Hindu Human Rights Australasia, posted a video showing a mob of pro-Khalistan individuals pursuing an Indian teenager who was holding the Indian flag.

“Khalistanis now sharing footage of a Khali mob approaching a lone Indian youth with Tiranga and assaulting them near Federation Square Khalistan Referendum. I hope @AusFedPolice will not turn a blind eye,” tweeted Gates.

One of them was spotted advancing on the mob while brandishing a blade.

According to an earlier Australia Today report, Indians living in Australia had informed the Victoria Police that they planned to demonstrate at Melbourne’s Federation Square against the country’s escalating pro-Khalistan actions.

Meanwhile, Australian Hindu Media reported that police in Federation Square had detained a Khalistani brandishing a sword.

“Khalistani goon, armed with a sword, who attacked Indians holding the Tiranga – arrested by police at Khalistani event at Federation Square, Melbourne today,” Australian Hindu Media tweeted.

The Victoria Police condemned the incident and reported that two people have already been taken into custody as a result of the aggressive assault. A penalty notice for “riotous behaviour” has been issued to the two guys who were arrested; they are both in their 30s.

Days before to the attack, a targeted attack in Melbourne resulted in the burning of Hindu temples.

Three men driving a blue Volkswagen Golf went to the Meriton Place at Clayton South e-commerce centre at around 10 p.m. on January 26, according to the police.

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