Internet Services in Manipur Suspended for 5 More Days to Maintain Law and Order

National desk, 22 May: Government of Manipur has imposed a suspension order on internet and mobile data services, effective immediately in response to the rising number of arson events and growing worries over the propagation of false information. The directive which will be in effect for the following five days until 3 p.m. on May 26 aims to preserve law and order, protect public safety and prevent the spread of incendiary content on social media.

The decision to suspend internet access follows news stories exposing the deliberate arson of homes and businesses in the area. The state of Manipur’s communal harmony and general tranquilly are at risk if anti-social forces use social media’s extensive audience to spread hate speech, inflame the public and commit violent crimes, according to authorities.

The government has adopted a strict position against the dissemination of false rumours and incendiary information because it recognises the immediate danger to life, public/private property and the possibility for significant violence. The suspension order specifically mentions Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites as well as other electronic devices like tablets, PCs, and mobile phones. The injunction also prohibits the use of bulk SMS services that could be used to organise protesters and agitators and pose a serious risk to property and public safety through acts of violence, vandalism and arson. 

Government of Manipur has instructed all service providers to abide by this order by using the authority granted by Rule 2 of the Temporary Suspension of Telecom Services (Public Emergency or Public Safety) Rules, 2017 acting in the interest of the welfare of the public and the maintenance of peace. Within Manipur’s territorial jurisdiction, mobile data services, internet/data services, including broadband connections like Reliance Jio Fibre, Airtel Xtreme Black, BSNL FTTH and internet/data services through VSATS of Bharatnet Phase-II, will be momentarily suspended.

Although the temporary suspension has caused some difficulty, the government emphasises the need for these actions to stop the dissemination of incorrect information and rumours which directly endanger public safety and the maintenance of social peace. The directive demonstrates the government’s determination to prevent the actions of anti-social and anti-national groups in order to defend property and human life.

This suspension order is in effect immediately and is in effect for a period of five days ending at 3 o’clock on May 26. To ensure public knowledge and comprehension, the government plans to widely disseminate this information via press releases and electronic media outlets. It should be mentioned that any infraction of this order will result in the necessary legal consequences.

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