July 12: World Paper Bag Day

Guwahati: July 12 is celebrated as Paper Bag Day in order to spread awareness about paper bags and its usage. The main motive of this is to create a safer environment as paper bags are biodegradable and it does not harm the environment like plastic bags do.

Since plastic waste takes more than thousand years to decompose. American inventor, Francis Wolle has been licensed the first paper bag machine in 1852.
Millions of people have switched to paper bags as they are reusable as well as recyclable.

Paper bags are also more preferred by people who are conscious about the environment and appreciate brands that opt for paper instead of plastic.
Here are some interesting facts about paper bags:
• Paper bags are almost 100% recyclable and can decompose within just a month.
• A paper bag can hold around 10-14 items and are quite sturdy.
• It takes less energy to manufacture paper bags as compared to plastic bags.
• Paper bags are safer for pets, other animals.
• Paper bags can be reused at home and can even be used to make compost.

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