Kerala Transgender-Couple Is Blessed With a Baby

Guwahati: The birth of a baby by a transgender couple in Kerala, who had just recently disclosed their pregnancy, is said to be the first instance of its kind in the nation.

The delivery was successful via caesarean section at the Government Medical College Hospital at around 9.30 a.m.

Both the baby and Zahhad, her partner who delivered the child, are doing well, Paval added.

However, the trans parents refused to disclose the newborn’s gender identity and stated that they did not want to make it public at this time.

Earlier, Ziya Paval posted on Instagram that Zahhad was eight months pregnant. “His ambition of becoming a father and my dream of becoming a mother are about to come true”.

” An eight-month-old foetus is now in Zahhad’s belly… “From what we came to know, this is the first trans man’s pregnancy in India,” Paval had said in the Instagram post.

Many people congratulated them and wishes them for a happy future. Ziya thanked to their family members and the doctor for their support and guidance during the pregnancy.

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