Key Highlights of Assam FM Himanta Biswa Sarma’s Budget Speech

Assam Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Friday tabled the Interim Budget at the ongoing Budget Session of the Assam Assembly.

Here are the key highlights of the budget speech:

•Finance Minister tabled Rs. 60,784.03 crore Budget for Six Months
•The fund will be used from April to September
•State Domestic production increased to 7.71 percent
•Approval of Central Tax of Rs. 20,601 crore in 2021-22
•Increase in State’s Own Tax Revenue in 2019-2
•The State’s Revenue has been increased to Rs. 16,529 crore
•The outstanding royalty on crude oil in 2019-20 is Rs 6,758 crore
•17,25,590 women benefitted from Arunodoi scheme The amount under Arunodoi scheme has been increased from Rs. 830 to Rs. 3000
•1500 women have been included under Arundhoti scheme
•The Government has provided 218crore Rupees to 8,756 Naamghars in the State
•124 projects have been started under Uttaran Scheme
•1000 Bamboo Bridges have been converted to RCC Bridge, Railway Over-Bridge constructed in the State
•Construction of 870 Bridges completed and construction of 2041 Bridges underway
•1000 ICU Beds have been provided during COVID-19 pandemic in the State and 4,500 Beds for Regular Hospital
•The State Government has arranged for 1,408 Ventilator and 4,541 oxygen
•Construction of 890 Kilometer Road will be constructed under Assam Mala scheme
•896 Kilometer Roads will be constructed in Tea Garden Areas
•58 lakh Families will be provided with Free Rice with an expense of 867 crore Rupees
•A Total of 7.5 lakh Tea Garden workers have been benefitted under Sah Bagicha Dhan Puraskar Mela
•The Government is thinking of increasing the Minimum Wage of Tea Labourers
•A Total of 1,69,930 widows will be benefitted under Indira Miri Sarbajanin Widow’s pension scheme with an expense of Rs. 80.94 crores
•1,60,612 disabled Persons have been provided with Rs. 1000 each

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