KLO Chief Jiban Singha Roy Rubbishes Rumours of Ill Health In Assam

Guwahati: Jiban Singha Roy, the chief of the Kamtapur Liberation Organization, stated that he is in sound health and is not in danger, despite some people propagating rumours to that effect.

Following the directive of Jiban Singha Koch, an official statement was addressed by Biswajit Rai, General Secretary of Koch Rajbongshi Jatiya Parishad at the Bhetagaon Burhi Thakurani Thana in Bijni, Chirang. In the press conference, Biswajit Rai conveyed the words of Jiban Singha Roy to the Media.

In a press release Jiban Singha Roy said, I’m informed that some people are spreading rumours about my safety and well-being among my supporters. I am pained at this development since it may derail our peace process.

Further, the KLO Chief informed that after his early press release which took place on January 11, 2023, he along with some of his supporters entered India. “The Government has been very cordial towards us and has been taking good care of us ever since my return to India,” said Singha.

Explaining his aim of coming to Assam he said, “The objective of my coming to India is to start a peace talk with the Government of India to find a solution to the political issue of Koch Kamtapur people.”

“The Government of India and Kamtapur Liberal Organization has made progress and an amicable solution will be found to all the issues, however complex, all will be resolved through the talks,” he added.

In addition to all of that, Singha pleaded with all socioeconomic groups in Koch-Kamtapur, as well as numerous nationalist organisations, to offer constructive proposals and all-around cooperation in between the ongoing conversations. Additionally, he has urged the populace to wish for a successful and favourable conclusion.

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