“Lachit The Warrior” Secures Two More Awards at International Film Festivals

Entertainment Desk, 5th December: “Lachit The Warrior,” an animated film written and directed by Parthasarathi Mahanta, has received prestigious accolades as the Best Animation Film at two renowned International Film Festivals.

Produced by Mina Mahanta and Indrani Baruah, the short film depicting the life of the esteemed Assamese Military General was honored with the Best Animation Film Award at the Edison International Film Festival in Chennai. Additionally, it earned recognition at the Mokkho International Film Festival in Puducherry.

The narration for “Lachit The Warrior” is provided by Dr. Amarjyoti Choudhury, and the musical composition is crafted by Rupam Talukdar. Anupam Mahanta serves as the creative director, with storyboarding and illustrations expertly executed by Hrishikesh Bora. The film’s visual effects are skillfully handled by Ratul Dutta.

This recognition underscores the film’s exceptional storytelling and artistic contributions, solidifying its standing as an outstanding piece in the realm of animated cinema.

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