Lat Mandal Suspended Over Misconduct of Duty In Assam’s Doom Dooma

Guwahati: The Lat Mandal of the Doomdooma Revenue Circle in Tinsukia district of Assam has been suspended immediately due to insubordination, misconduct and neglect of duty.

The suspended Lat Mandal has been identified as Monidhar Mout.

According to reports, the Lat Mandal had asked for bribes from people under the guise of the Mission Basundhara scheme.

An inquiry and presenting officer has been appointed by the Deputy Commissioner of the Tinsukia district to inquire into the incident.

Circle officer of the Doomdooma Revenue Circle, Rananmoy Bharadwaj has been appointed as the inquiry officer and Assistant Commissioner Nilakshi Bhuyan has been appointed as the presenting officer of the case.

However, Monidhar Mout is permitted to receive the subsistence payment at a rate of 50% beginning from the day that he was suspended.

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